My dating site profile was hacked

Within a few minutes, I had 8 messages. I recently started getting emails from persons on OurTime. Fenochietto said he started an e-mail conversation with Annie Kanciar, the wife of POF chief executive Marcus Frind, "who was very thankfull [sic] with us, and contacted one of their developers in order to inform about this flaw," Fenochietto wrote.

I email the customer care address and over a day later, I have had no response. Take out an ad on reddit instead of promoting your blog or app here Surveys must be moderator approved with appropriate documentation NSFW posts must be marked Posts involving nudity or sexual content must be marked NSFW No Personal Information Do NOT give out any contact information or any personal information in public posts.

January 31, 4: A subreddit to discuss and vent about the dating process and learn from the experiences of others! Yes, now I am pissed off even more. I went on several phone line websites and posted warnings about some of the numbers as Potential Scam.

The phones all lead to landlines that they text from. Clearly, this has happened before. Being me, I immediately got suspicious. At this point, Frind was under the impression that Russo and Fenochietto had hacked his database and were trying to extort money in exchange for a fix. There was an article that stated that POF has virtually no security on the site.

Dating Site PlentyofFish Hacked in Bizarre Scheme

When I called OurTime for a refund they only offered to extend my membership a couple of days. I never give it out. Not too optimistic about that.

Adult dating site hack exposes millions of users

I thought, wow, someone must have stuck a naked picture on my profile. Given that Krebs and Russo were friends on Facebook, Frind said he initially suspected that Krebs might in on the hack, but later reconsidered. It is so obvious that the scams are happening.

Krebs on Security

I am going to completely destroy your life, no one is ever going to hire you for anything again, this isn't piratebay and we definately [sic] aren't fooling around," Frind e-mailed to Fenochietto and Russo. And, I have not created another profile on POF.

They let you know how to change your password, how to edit your profile, but nothing about contacting them.Benjamin Hurley, 24, from Widnes, Cheshire, discovered he had been hacked by ex-girlfriend Alison Eves on Tinder after he noticed he. Plentyoffish review rated / with Images: My profile was hacked and now I cannot get into my account, profile or anything.

Plenty of Fish (POF) does not recognize my email. Oct 01,  · My profile was hacked into on June 3rd and the hacker posted at the end of my profile something inappropriate. My password was strong and not related to me, I never accessed the site on a public computer and I have no idea how this happened.1/5.

Large caches of data stolen from online cheating site have been posted online by an individual or group that claims to have completely compromised the company’s user databases. What I find shady is that when you cancel your account and delete your profile, they really ramp up the spam afterwards, such that I was worried that my profile was still visible after deleting my profile/cancelling my account.

Feb 01,  · Dating site was hit by hackers this weekend, but rather than a quick data grab, the alleged hacker carried out a scheme that involved tales of Russian mobsters, extortion plots Occupation: Executive Editor, News & Features.

My dating site profile was hacked
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