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No swelling now, juicebox sex app first 6 days. My wife cut the stitch and I pulled the drain out. Very sore for about 7 to 8 days and felt much better after that. Has that happened to anyone else? I am told the oozing can go on for two months.

I had to wear a "jockstrap" for the first couple of days like peter. Other than that a full recovery. With original shows, dramas, music, movies, chat shows, talk shows, entertainment and information at its best. The pain was minimal and the swelling is not so bad.

I will see my Urologist in 2 weeks and its been 2 days since my operation and I feel soar but other than that I feel good. Michael Jun 11, My incision is now red and itchy. But to be honus I had forgot I had the vasectomy until I stated feeling some discomfort in August of this year.

He remove the fluid there was a lot about the size of a small melon and then he said that he inverted the tunica vaginalis and tied it off so the fluid would not come back.

But the pain is tough and I've been on Hydrocodone since October and need to get off it before I become an addict. Your article in this regard really makes my mind clear.

The incision was on the right side, about two inches, and the stitches have already dissolved. Surgeon completely removed the right testicle and some other infected tissues. The right side of my scrotum is still bigger than it was before the surgery. I was told 5 days, and good as new, well, by choice, I missed these 10 days at work now, because those darn stitch whiskers keep catching on every clothing you wear, which is very irritating!

Hal Mar 6, 9: I am a little swollen but not as bad as I thought I would be and no oozing iether. Its nice site wish knew it wn i was still doing my undergraduate. I was surprised that it looked really good.

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I had the procedure done at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Other users can upvote these stories by tapping a condom icon next to each one.

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I can get it done privately now or wait until it gets to about mm and get it done at a public hospital. But I went ahead with it anyway. I have several unrelated surgeries so I'm well familiar with post-operative recovery. Oh one other thing, they left my wife waiting for over 2hrs as I was late going in and no one told her when i got out until about an hour after i said where's my wife?

I haven't needed any ice packs although i have been taking painkillers and once again i have to agree with peter lol. He said it was a very involved infection, so he consulted with my wife about the option of removing it or trying months of antibiotic treatment and likely having to remove it anyway.

This morning I am feeling much better. The general surgeon dug a hole into my groin looking for the hernia that turned out not to be there - thanks doc. Last pain killer I took was last night and this morning I have no more pain in the balls.

As of last year, 22 states require that schools teach sex ed. Third day of surgery and not feeling any pain this morning. Urologist 2 has little to offer me other than Ibuprofin at this point - which does not work at all.

Richard Jul 29, 6: Hopefully it will go ok and I will post my recovery here on a daily basis.Juicebox. A new kind of platform for presenting dashboards to the everyday decision maker. Now everyone can join the data discussion. Feb 17,  · EV JuiceBox App - companion app for JuiceBox Pro or JuiceNet products.

Available on Google Play or iTunes App Store. Pro 40 available from Electric Motor Wer. The latest Tweets from Juicebox App (@Juiceboxit). Helping people have more fulfilling lives in #sex, #dating, and #relationships.

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Juicebox sex app
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