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It is therefore easier to make than lime mortar and sets up much faster which may be a reason it was used as the typical mortar in ancient, brick arch and vault construction. This mortar was not as strong as pozzolanic mortar, but, because it was denser, it better resisted penetration by water.

Gypsum mortar, also called plaster of Paris, was used in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids and many other ancient structures. Knirk certainly has never looked carefully upon the actual relic, nor at the great deal of highly eroded, yet still recognizable with careful scrutiny peripheral engravings and other evidences to which I call attention.

The conclusion was to reject the hypothesis that the Carolina Bays were created by impacts of asteroids or comets Rajmon For now, let it 23 f maple valley dating to call him or her, "L.

It would be problematic to use Portland cement mortars to repair older buildings originally constructed using lime mortar. It is made from gypsum, which requires a lower firing temperature.

It is sometimes mixed with lightweight aggregates, such as perlite or vermiculite [ citation needed ]. Gypsum mortar is not as durable as other mortars in damp conditions.

Carbon dating of the vitreous charcoal and charcoal gave dates from 8, BP to in the future, again interpreted as 14C enrichment. Germanic Philology, Johns Hopkins Univ.

Carolina bay

For example, samples from sediments filling Carolina bays have been dated at greater than 38, to 49, BP radiocarbon years. Collitz showed is most readily recognized as supporting, "Gjome --Jim's or Jimmy's -- Valley or Date.

As a matter of fact, "Jimmy Hiens" of La Salle's tragic expedition was the Rune Engraver, as I evidence in multiple ways in my books, including picturing his initials within his own engravings.

The majority of these samples, from which these dates were obtained, were collected from cores of undisturbed sediments that filled Carolina bays in North and South Carolina. It has low permeability, and it reduces the incidence of drying shrinkage cracking, mainly designed for repairing concrete structures.

When it's the right consistency as in the photo trowel stands up it's ready to apply. Its flammability aids in periodic burning, which is necessary for Canby's Dropwort and many of the other species unique to the environment.

As a general rule, however, Portland cement should not be used for the repair or repointing of older buildings built in lime mortar, which require the flexibility, softness and breathability of lime if they are to function correctly. They are, nevertheless, still adequately recognizable and understandable for those with enough academic and intellectual integrity to properly peruse and study and reflect.

As discussed by Gaiser [22] and others, radiocarbon dates reported from any Carolina bay are all minimum dates for their formation. Kemmerer, like many to follow him, overlooked the short stroke perpendicular runic "S" that is next to right hand side of the runic "M," as I later picture, illustrate, and dsicuss.

So nearly as I know, none of them came to Heavener and studied the actual Monumental Memorial. Elsewhere in this Web Site I feature my sketch of the full-sized monumental stone. Alternatively, a pozzolanic material such as calcined clay or brick dust may be added to the mortar mix.

Although not taking the matter as far as he could have, Professor Collitz, had he been heeded by Oklahoma historians, epigraphers-paleographers, and archeologists, could have set folks on the right road to resolution of the Heavener Mystery Monument.

Just keep in mind that he also chose that controversial 2nd Rune precisely because he was aware--well aware--that there is that substantial minority who might see, GJOM m E, his own name!

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One major hypothesis within the earth sciences academic community is that a combination of processes created the shapes and orientations of these ancient landforms, including climate change, the formation of siliciclastic karst by solution of subsurface material during glacial sealevel lowstands and later modification of these depressions by periodic eolian and lacustrine processes.

The Origin of The Legend. Plants common in Carolina bays are water liliessedges and various grasses. In the Indian subcontinentmultiple cement types have been observed in the sites of the Indus Valley Civilizationsuch as the Mohenjo-daro city-settlement that dates to earlier than BCE.

Those scholars were not even close to any unanimity! In old buildings with walls that shift over time, cracks can be found which allow rain water into the structure.

The "Authentic" "Inauthentic" approach to runic inscriptions is fraught with radical and improper ways of thinking. When I corresponded with Dr. Because only organic matter can be dated by radiocarbon dating, the reported radiocarbon dates only represents times during which organic matter of some type accumulated in Carolina bays and was later preserved.

He may be referred to Dr. Kemmerer were further into the matter I find that they are typical runes, the second and eighth characters of the Scandinavian runic alphabet the others of the Gothic runic alphabet.

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Ancient American describes the true prehistory of America's continent, regardless of presently fashionable belief-systems, and provide a public forum for certified experts and non-professionals alike to freely express their views without fear nor favor.

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